Keep track on claims

We offer no more wasting time. Anywhere, anytime, the claims goes to an admin portal and/or to your email


App Features

No more wasting time while you claim an expenses, the app offers full control over you claims, you can send either to your email or to an admin portal where you can track all of your claims progress. The app also reminds you to send all the claims that are not yet sent to the admin portal.


Simple layout to enjoy while creating your claims

Cloud based

Access your claims anywhere and anytime


Take or choose any picture to attach to your expense when claiming


User authentication required to view/create/send claims

Full control

All the settings are available to the user based on switch on/off


Always looking for new features and better user experience

It's simple, friendly and offer full user control over it

Help people in their daily-to-daily basis to not waste more time when claiming an expense, in one screen you can:

  • Check claims in a two weeks based from prev until end of the current week;
  • View or remove any claim created;
  • Send claim to the admin portal;

it's practical and quickly.

Powerfull & Responsive Admin Portal

Admin portal create to fully track your claims, allowing you to check on statuses and attachments.

When we mention, access anywhere and anytme, it's true, the admin portal can also access from any device, either a computer, tablet or phone. It's 100% flexible to the display you want to use. Does not required you to use any specific plataform like Windows, OS or Linux as it's a web based application.

Use the freedon to keep tracking your claims and follow their progress.

Full control over your claims, create/remove as many as you like

You can create claims, view it's details or even remove a claim that you don't want anymore.

  • Easy create new expense to start claiming.
  • View it's details.
  • Remove any claim from the device or from the admin portal.

If the claim is not new, when you remove it, it also remove the claim in the admin portal.

You can only see the details of the claim in the mobile app, in the admin portal, you can change only it's status.

New features to be develop. Yes, the app is still in development

We're always looking for features that we can add so you can have a better experience and the app a better performance.

We plan to do new enhancements in the app, and for that we need your help! When it's possible, please, always send a feed back to us so we can improve your experience using the app. Here are some things that we plan to do:

  • Different types of claims. For now, we have types as Miles or Expenses.
  • New screen to show graphics in a report view so you can check your claims in a visual style.


There are three plans that you can chose to better suite your personal or business purpose.


  • Max limit of 50 claims per month
  • One employer
  • Two employees per employer
  • Limited report & Graphics in the dashboard


  • Unlimited claims per month
  • Unlimited employers
  • Unlimited employees
  • Full report & Graphics in the dashboard

* if exceed the limit, an extra charge will be added to the montly price

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the feedbacks from the people that are using the app, those are the commons questions received during the QA phase. Please, if you have a question and it's not in this section, don't hesitate to get in touch, we'll be happy to help.

  • What's the line chart at the main screen for?

    The line chart is there to show you how much did you claim from first day of the past week until the end of the current week. The line means values per day so in the vertical position is the value, and in the horizontal position is the day. So shows you 14 days.

  • The car icon means the value that you claim as miles type, the receipt icon means all the claims that require a proof of the payment to claim back.

  • From the app, there's no option to edit a claim, only to view or to delete it. If you think the claim you created is wrong, delete it and create another one. The only thing that can change in a claim is the status from the admin portal.

  • There's a history page where you can see all the claims that you created, but if you would like, you can always access the admin portal for more details and records.

  • If you work with more than one employer, you could chose to who the claim will be when creating a new claim. you will see an option to select the employer.

  • It's easy, you or your employer can contact us for more information here.


Please, get in touch for any help or question, I'll be happy to help.‚Äč


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